The Happy Misfit

Ajahn Sucitto

Winter Retreat Dhamma Reflection 22 March 2021

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Citta jumps and rushes towards experience it thinks will bring security. It’s a compulsion, an addiction. But citta can turn, starting with disengagement, then stabilizing and calming. Settle into the happiness of these effects, and you have a good foundation to eliminate the irrational drives and compulsions that cause suffering.

Stillness Flowing

Ajahn Sucitto

Living, Dying and Liberation – Online Retreat – Day 5, talk 3

Meet the constant flow of life with the stillness and poise of citta. Relate to it all with respect and mutuality, learning to adapt, flow and listen to life. Practice with cultivation of subtle energies of body and heart and with samādhi. Sutta Reference: SN1:1