The Objectification Conundrum

Ajahn Kaccana

Ajahn Kaccāna spells out the necessity of living in a world that consists of objects, but explains how this objectification can be held in a detached and skillful manner. He recounts an experience in his own past in which he held on tightly and suffered as a result, and relates two humorous examples in the life of Luang Por Liem, when Luang Por manifested a wise and skillful equanimity.

The Endlessness of Suffering

Ajahn Karunadhammo

Ajahn Karunadhammo recalls the First and Second Watches of the night of the Buddha’s enlightenment, in which the Buddha saw his own endless wanderings through samsara, and other beings’ arising and passing through various states of woe. He then describes the Buddha’s enlightenment in the Third Watch, in which the Buddha realized The Four Noble Truths, and the practice of mindfulness immersed in the body as a way to liberation.