The Heartwood as the True Refuge

Ajahn Karuniko

On the Full Moon Observance night of May, Ajahn Karuniko encourages the Cittaviveka community to not settle for attainments in only virtue, concentration or special experiences. He explains how insight and true knowledge, the heartwood of the tree, are what the Buddha wanted us to attain and thus know the end of suffering.

The Importance of Right View

Ajahn Cittapala

As Cittaviveka’s winter retreat draws to a close, Ajahn Cittapala reflects on the central role of right view in the Buddha’s teaching. She examines how all other path factors are influenced and dependant on right view, and examines how to distinguish between and develop its mundane and supramundane aspects.

Embodied Present Moment Mindfulness

Ajahn Karuniko

Ajahn Karuniko reflects on his own personal experiences, including his first visit to Wat Pah Nanachat, to show how he once overcame fear by returning to an awareness of the physical body. He relates an experience he once had on a snow capped mountain in Slovenia, where, by facing a perilous situation one step at a time, the final result was an enjoyable ascent.